Watermarking made easy !

What Can TWatermark Software Do for You ?

A watermark is the most effective way to protect your photos and images copyrgiht from unauthorized using. Just a few clicks and TWatermark software will keep your image files secure.

TWatermark software works on your computer, not on the Internet. The Program loads image files right from your computer's hard drive. Nobody can access your original images. They are don't send over the Internet, don't keep on servers. Your original images are always safe.

The use of watermarks is a popular trend because nowadays your digital images can be easily copied and used by others if you don't take steps to protect them. Entering text (such as date, author's name, copyright symbol, etc.) is a pretty effective way to claim ownership.

TWatermark software is an easy and fast way to get watermarked. TWatermark software is an excellent choice !

Add Text Watermarks

Text Watermark allows you to use any text or available special simbols as watermark.

Add your name, comments, graphics simbols, copyright notice, or website URL to your photos and digital images. Real-time preview will help you get the desired result.


Fully Customizable Watermarks


You can customize the watermark as you like : choose font, font size and color, set own transparency level, rotate the watermark as you like, apply cross effect. The program automatically adjusts the size and position of the watermark on each digital image.

Multiple watermarks for maximum protection

Select from one or more of the 9 predefined positions to place your watermark. Repeat it horizontally, vertically, or both to cover the entire image so that no part of the image can be used without your consent.


Batch Watermarking


Add watermarks to multiple photos and images in one go with the click of a button. Customize your watermark template one time, batch apply this template to images.