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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do i add a watermark using TWatermark software ? Read the How To watermark using TWatermark Software>> step by step guide. The process of adding a watermark to a photo, image or a picture is simple.  I have paid for the license key. How do i register ? Where do i download the Watermark software for use ? The TWatermark software you have downloaded and installed,is the full working version. You just need to enter your license key into the Registration menu at the top of the program and activate it. When activating the key, you must an Internet connection to communicate with the license server.  Is this a one time price or do I have to pay monthly / annually ? It is a one time price. There is no subscription. You can pay once and use TWatermark as long as you like. Updates are free.  Is Internet necessary for work of the program ? An Internet connection is required only during the activation of the license key. In other cases, no Internet connection is required.  My license key doesn't work. What to do ? Check that you enter each key correctly. If you use counterfeit or key already in use and in this case the key won't work. Please write to us at support@twatermark.com, and please enclose your order related information and we will help you.  Can I transfer my license to a new computer in future ? Yes, you can easily do it.

Uninstall TWatermark software from your old computer and install on your new one. Please write to us at support@twatermark.com, and please enclose your order related information. We will deactivate your license key on the license server. After that, reactivate the existing license key.

 How can I update the old version of the program to the new one ? Download the latest version and installing it over your existing one. Your registration data will be saved.
 I have finished the order but I never receive registration code, why ? Your license key will be sent to you via email within seconds of clearance of your payment. If you do not receive your license key, check spam filtering in case the email with the license key will be marked as SPAM and sorted in the "junk" folder or deleted.

Please contact us at support@twatermark.com, we will resend it within 24 hours.

Note: Please make sure your e-mail address, name or order number in the e-mail.

 Can I use one license on two computers ? Twatermark is licensed for each computer you install it on.  How many users can use the program ? TWatermark is licensed per computer it is installed on. There are no restrictions on how many users are using TWatermark.  How long will it take to get your supporting response ? Generally, You will receive an answer within 24 hours include weekends or holidays due to the time difference.  What the restrict of unregistered version ? If you use the unregistered version, the software will placed "TWatermark-UNREGISTERED" to output images, and it will disappear after registry.  I lost my license key, can you send it again ? Sure. Please write to us at support@twatermark.com, and please enclose your order related information (such as E-mail address or name you used when you purchased etc.)  I am worried about my private information and I dislike paying online. How secure is online purchase of your program ? You don't need to worry about that. Your order will be processed through a secured online ordering system by Fastspring.com  I have questions of the program. Where can I address ? In the case of any problems or questions of work of the program write to the address support@twatermark.com and you will be sure to answer and help !