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Definitions WEBSITE is an Internet resource that includes all the content, such as texts, images, software, databases, etc. and posted in the domain zone (and available at URL) http://www.twatermark.com The USER is a person who accesses the information posted on the website http://www.twatermark.com WEBSITE SERVICES - are functionality of the website, intended for use by the User. Copyrights

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The Author has the right to change the content of the website, its services, software, technical conditions for accessing to the website and other parameters regulating the procedure and conditions of using the website at own discretion, at any time and without prior announcement of such changes.

Liability The User understands and agrees that he/she uses the website at own discretion and at the sole risk, and will be solely responsible for any negative consequences resulting from the download of any material through the website. The User understands and agrees that the website and all materials are provided "as is" in accordance with the commonly agreed principle in the international practice. This means that the User is not provided with any guarantees that the website will answer User's purposes, that the quality of any Service or software will meet the expectations of the User that the use of the website will be continuous, protected or error-free or that all errors on the website will be corrected. Whereas the measures taken to confirm the accuracy of the information provided, the Author is not responsible for the presence of errors, inaccuracies, completeness, relevance and compliance with other information sources of the website content. The Author is not responsible for the User's visit and for any use of other websites belonging to third parties, links to which may be contained on the website. The Author is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, authenticity and security of any information, materials, software and services placed on such websites. Their use is carried out by the User voluntarily, exclusively at own and sole discretion and at sole risk. THE USER UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES THAT THE AUTHOR  IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE DAMAGES APPEARED FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, AND APPLIED TO ANY RESPONSIBILITY, AND EVEN IF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUFFERING HARM, INCLUDING, INCLUDING, PERSONAL INJURY, LOSS OF DATA, LOSS OF PROFIT OR INTERRUPTIONS IN ACTIVITIES ARISING OR RELATED TO THE USE OF THIS WEBSITE. Final provisions These Rules come into force since the moment of their acceptance and extend for all time of this website usage. If any point of these Rules is invalid or impossible, it does not reflect on the validity of the other paragraphs of the Rules. They remain in force in accordance with the conditions set out in this document. The Author reserves the right to make changes in these Rules at own discretion. Such changes take effect immediately after posting of a new version of the Rules on the website. Last updated :  2021-01-24